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Phone cards to Russia

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Looking for an international call to Russia has become a simple task even for those new visitors from Russia who havn't experience with cheap international calling from USA and Canada. Are you planning for a trip to the Russian country or have family, friends and loved one there that might more benefit from you amantel providing them with a cheap and convenient option to call you and how to Russia calling from USA.

Russia International Calling & Access Numbers
Russia Country Dialling Code: 7

How to call Russia
Use following steps to Calling Russia from the United States:

  • 011 – US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada.
  • 7 – Country Code for Russia.
  • Phone number – 10 digits for both fixed lines and cell phones.

    Make a cheap call from your Landline

  • 00: International Access Code for Russia.
  • 7 : Country Code of Russia.
  • STD code: 2-4 digits.
  • Local Subscriber number: 6-8 digits

    Make a cheap call from your Mobile

  • 00: International Access Code for Russia.
  • 7 : Country Code of Russia.
  • Mobile Number : 10 digits.

Area Dialling Codes for Russia

Amantel also provide a list of relevant area dialling codes for Russia. Don't forget to dial the country dial code for Russia (00 7).

Area code for Russia

Area Area Code
Moscow 495
Ryazan 491
Vladimir 492
Kostroma 494
Ivanovo 493