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Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: For problems related to your online account please send an email to Customer Service at info@amantel.com

Technical Support

For more information, please send an email to Customer Service at info@amantel.com

Why I need a Login Account

A Login is required for the following reasons:

  • Provide your PINs online and in email
  • Show Order History
  • Provide Quick PhoneCard recharges **
  • Setup Speed Dial **
  • View PIN Balances **
  • Special offers in email (See No-Spam Email Policy)
  • Administrative Communication

** - feature available only for Pinless and Rechargeable phonecards.

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How to get an Account

On the Homepage, you can click on a link Sign up Here , or you can click Sign up for an Account when you are prompted during the buying process.

If you already have an account, you can login using your LoginID and password.

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What if I don't have an Email-ID

Please contact Customer service to for help. You can still make online purchases, but please note that in absence of an Email-ID, it is not possible for us to deliver PINs to you in email. Your account history can show you the PINs you purchased before, but you cannot receive any email communication from Amantel.com.

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How to Login

On the Home-page, there is a Login-box on the top-right hand side of the screen. Enter your Login ID and correct password and click Sign-in.

Account can only be accessed by entering the correct Login and password. As a security policy, account will be locked after 5 un-successful consecutive attempts.

If your account is locked, please contact Customer service to unlock the account, or wait for 2 hours before logging in.

See below if you have forgotten your password.

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Forgotten Password

  • Click on the link Forgotten Password?
  • Provide your Login Id
  • Click OK when done
  • Your password will be sent in Email

If you don't have an Email ID, please contact Customer Service for help.

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How to change my Email address or Login ID

Please contact Customer Service for help.

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Information Security

Member Account contains following information about each member stored in an encrypted form on our secure servers.

  • Name - to prevent fradulent transactions
  • Address - to prevent fradulent transactions
  • Email - to send order confirmation, passwords, pins etc.
  • Phone Number(s) - to prevent fradulent transactions

All personally identifiable information is stored in encrypted form on our secured servers. Amantel.com does not share any information about you with any external entities.

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How can I buy phone cards online

Use your Login ID to login into your account. Add phone cards that you like to the shopping cart using link Add Product. When you are done adding all the phone cards to your shopping cart, click on Check Out. Enter your Credit-Card information and click on Charge my Credit Card button. That's it.

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How do I pay for my Orders

You can pay through Credit card, Debit card and Paypal. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA card.

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Is the Website Secure

Our website is 100% secure. We use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate issued by GeoTrust using 128-bit encryption technology. We encrypt all communication between your browser and our website. We do not store your full Credit-Card information.

Your personal information is stored encrypted and securely behind the firewalls on our secured servers. We are 100% compliant with Payment Card Industry's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). CISP is an industry wide program initiated by VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and requires all the payment gateway services and online Merchants to adhere to the strictest regulations concerning your data.

Now you know, it is completely safe to use your Credit cards on our website.

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How long will it take to complete my order

You are making an Online purchase. If you are our existing customer, you will get your PINs immediately on the screen and in email as soon as your credit card is charged. However, if you are purchasing for the first time from our website, in order to protect your credit card and information, we need to call you before issuing your pins and sending in email. We hope you understand that we are doing this to protect you - our dear customer.

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How to check my Current and Previous Orders

You can log into your account to check your order history. Your most recent purchases will show up on the top of the list.

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What is your return policy

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If for any instance, you are not pleased with our service, we will refund 100% of the remaining balance.

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What is your Coupons policy

  • Coupon must be spent before the Expiration date mentioned for the Coupon. After the Expiration date, Coupon is not usable
  • This Coupon must be redeemed at www.amantel.com web site, toward the purchase of products listed at Amantel.com's website
  • If the Coupon is issued for specific Products, then the shopping cart must contain atleast one of such products for Coupon to be applicable
  • Coupons are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund
  • Coupons are to be used only by the Customer to whom coupon was issued and for the specific Email address. Coupons are not transferable under no circumstances
  • Each coupon has a Minimum purchase amount. Shopping cart total must be more than such Minimum amount (before Tax/Shipping/Handling) for Coupon to be applied
  • More than one Coupons cannot be applied to a Shopping cart at a time
  • Coupons and their use on the Amantel.com web site are subject to and governed by Amantel.com's general Terms Conditions
  • Amantel.com is not responsible for Expired and/or Lost Coupons
  • If you have any questions or need more information, please visit the Amantel.com's online Frequently Asked Questions
  • Amantel.com reserves the right to close customer accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained or applied Coupon is redeemed through the Amantel.com Web site
  • Amantel.com reserves the right to cancel Coupon(s) anytime without assigning any reason whatsoever
  • To serve our Customers better, Amantel.com reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions governing Coupons and/or their usage and other related or unrelated areas of website Amantel.com

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How can I use my phone card

Using phonecards is very easy. Here's how you can place your calls using a phonecard:

  • Call the Access number provided with your phonecard PIN, from any touch tone phone (Rotary phone cannot work with phonecards)
  • Enter your PIN number when prompted by the system (not needed for PINLESS phonecards)
  • Dial the number you wish to call.

-- For international calls, dial 011 + your destination number along with the applicable National and City specific codes

-- Within the United States or Canada, dial 1 + your destionation number within the United States or Canada or the Caribbean.

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Who to contact if I have a problem with the PhoneCard

If you face any issue with service, you can always reach our 24x7 customer support at 732-983-4332/4333. You can also email us at info@amantel.com.

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How do I add more minutes to my Phonecard

You can add more minutes to your phonecard if that is a Pinless or Rechargeable phonecard. If it is not a card of this type, you cannot add more money to your phonecard - please buy a new card when it expires.

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What is a PINLESS phonecard

PINLESS cards are new type of phonecards that allow you to make phonecalls without the need of entering your PINs (hence the name PINLESS). All Pinless cards sold on Amantel.com's website are also Rechargeable (which means you can add more money to your phonecard anytime).

Please note that PINLESS cards:

  • Use a computer program to identify and record the phone number from where you are calling. This is called as ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
  • ANI allows computer to save your phone number and recognize it when you call again
  • When you call from a Phone for the first time, you will be prompted to press 1 if you want the computer to remember the phone number, or press 2 if you don't care
    -- if you press 1, next time you will not need to enter PIN if calling from the same phone number
    -- if you press 2, you will need to provide the PIN next time even if calling from the same phone number
  • You can remove your phonenumber from the computer program anytime by Clicking here

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What is a RECHARGEABLE phonecard

Rechargeable phonecards allow you to add more money to the phonecard. This way, you can keep using the same PIN always.

If you are trying to buy a Rechargeable phonecard from our site, look for products that show this image , or products that have PINLESS word in the name.

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What is Speed Dial

Speed Dial is a very user-friendly new concept. When you use PINLESS phonecards, you can also create 2-digit codes for your long-long destination numbers. When you make the phonecall, the system tells you about the balance on the card and then prompts you to enter your phone number. At this time you can enter your 2-digit code followed by a # (pound) key. System will tell you how many minutes you have and then connect you to the destination. Once you are done with the call, you can press the # (pound) key again to place another call, or if you are done simply hang-up.

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What is Local Access Card

Instead of the Toll-free access numbers, Local access cards provide you with phonenumbers in your local calling area. You can pick access-numbers that are local to your calling area for making the call. Local Access Cards are usually cheaper than the regular phonecards.

If you see this image for any product on the search page, that product also has Local Access numbers in addition to Toll-free numbers.

You are solely responsible for choosing access numbers that are local to you and are free of charge. We recommend that you contact your local telephone company to confirm that the number(s) that appear are both local and free of charge for you to call. Amantel.com will not reimburse you for any long distance phone charges incurred.

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How much money is remaining on my phonecard

When you call the access-number for the phone card, the system will tell you the balance remaining on the card. For PINLESS and Rechargeable phonecards, you can click on PIN Balance to check your balance.

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Where can I find detailed information about PhoneCards

On the product search results screen or elsewhere, you will see this image . If you click on this image, it will show you all the details for the selected phonecard.

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When does my Phonecard expire

Different phonecards expire at different times. 6 months for $10, 9 months for $25 and 1 year for $50 and $100 Phone Card.

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Can I use the phone card outside USA

Currently, we have special phonecards that you can use to call worldwide from Canada. Please Click Here to see the phonecards that allow you to place calls from Canada.

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What is Rate/Minute or Cents/Minute

Rate/Minute or Cents/Minute indicates the rate per minute of the phonecard that is charged to you. It allows you to compare different products available on our website by the price.

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What is Rounding

Rounding is the billing increment used to find out how much money should be deducted from your phonecard for your call.

For example, if Rounding is 3 minutes, it means that your phonecard will be charged in 3-minutes increment. So for example, if you talk for less than or equal to 3 minutes, you will pay charges for 3 minutes.

1 minute rounding counts your completed minutes (for example for a call of 1 minute, 25 seconds, you will still pay 2 minutes)

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What are additional charges

There is an additional charge of 99 cents if you place the call from a payphone. This fee is charged by the owner of the payphone and is a standard for all calling cards.

There will be an additional charges for using toll-free access where local access number are available. You will be responsible for using local access number that are local to you and free of charge. Please confirm first from your local telecommunication company to confirm that the number(s) that appear are both local and free of charge for you to call. Amantel will not reimburse you for any phone charges incurred.

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How is it different to call on a Cell Phone

Calls to international cellphones could cost more than calling regular phones in the same area. Please check the details of your phonecard before making a call to an International cell phone.

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What are City (or Location) specific phonecards

City or Location specific phonecards (generally) provide more minutes for the same price.

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What is Payphone Surcharges

99c per call.

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How Amantel.com's rates compare to Long-distance service providers

Amantel.com always tries to bring the very best to our customers. We provide different calling-cards to our dear customers from different manufactures, including AT&T, Sprint, IDT and many more. Please compare Rate/Minute, Rounding, Other charges etc for all the products before you select one for your calling needs. Since, phonecards use a different approach compared to the traditional Long-Distance calling services, they generally tend to be cheaper.

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NO-SPAM Policy

Amantel.com follows a strict No-SPAM policy in accordance with the Federal, State and Local laws. All emails that we sent contain a return address and our website has a clear link where a registered member can Unsubscribe from our promotional material mailing programs. Or, you can contact the Customer Service and request to be removed from the Mailing programs. We do not share any information with 3rd parties.

Periodically, Amantel.com sends special offers in Email (Advertisement Emails) to the members registered with Amantel.com (not opted-out members only) for saving even more money on their phonecard needs and also to introduce new phonecards and/or features on the website. Amantel.com may also send Administrative emails which contain advisory information on Member accounts and/or changes to Privacy policy and other important changes on the website. Members can use this page to indicate that they do not wish to receive Advertisement emails from Amantel.com. Once a member indicates that he/she no longer wants to receive Adv. emails, their email Ids will be removed from all such communications. Administrative emails are exempted from this policy because it can contain important information applicable to the Members.

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Contacting Customer Service

You can reach Customer service through emails at info@amantel.com.

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