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Amantel Mobile App allows you to make long-distance and international calls directly from your contact list, without requiring you to dial long access numbers or PINs. Download now to your mobile for FREE, with just a click. The application dials any long-distance number stored on your address book or phone screen that you wish to call. Don't pay for high long-distance rates from your cell provider.

Make international calls and messages to your friends with Amantel mobile application. With Amantel Mobile App you can call worldwide over Wifi or 3G/4G for FREE. Enjoy the convenience while saving big on long-distance call with low rates.

Amantel Mobile App Features

  • High-quality connections
  • No need to dial long access numbers or pin numbers.
  • Make free calls with Amantel Mobile App users in HD sound quality.
  • Earn FREE Credits by sharing Amantel Mobile App to others.

Get Started

Download the Amantel Mobile App, Sign up, and START CALLING!

  • Call Using Your Phone Contacts.

    Just tap the Amantel app on your mobile phone whenever you want to make a long-distance call. Use your phone contacts or keypad to dial. No access numbers or PINs needed.

  • Recharge Your Long Distance Calling Plan

    When your balance runs low in your account; just recharge your plan through the app to continue calls. You can even set up Auto Recharge on our website so you’ll never run out of minutes!

  • Call Types – Choose How You Want to Make Your Call

    Choose to place calls using your Mobile Carrier minutes, WIFI, or Mobile Data. Manage your plan by switching between the three based on where you are.