24/7 Toll Free 1-800-.717-1510


No Pin Dialing (Pinless Dialing)

Don't worry about pin. Just dial the access number and our system will automatically recognize your pinnumber.

No Hidden Fees or Binding

You can use amantel to call anywhere in the world while not having to worry about hidden fee or binding.

Setup Speed Dial up to 10 Numbers

Amantel let you register up to 10 numbers! Just register destination phone number and press the speed dial code followed by the pound key.

Setup "Hot Line"

Hotline number is an excellent feature to get connected to any international number without dialing Pin number, Destination number, even you do not have to dial any single number.

Set up “Auto Recharge”

Never worry about shortage of minutes!, Register your account with Auto Recharge & get 5% worth of free minutes

Choose Local Access Number

You have a great selection of number to choose for both local and toll free access numbers for any state.

Best Rates

Save up to 90% on international calling compared other services. With Amantel.com, what you see is what you get.

Use Any Phone, Any carrier

Amantel service can be used with any carrier and any phone. No internet required.