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Now Call Senegal through Amantel Calling Cards

There are number of telecommunication means available in the market, which can provide you domestic and international calling facility. However you can use any mean to be connected with your loved ones, but they may be more expensive and you may have to pay a lot for this when you call Senegal or other overseas country. Amantel has brought the cost effective and reliable calling cards for its users. These virtual cards can be used with either landline or smart phones. In this digital era Amantel has made its calling cards digitized, so neither you have to carry them in your pocket nor the chances of losing the card.

Calling card to Senegal is one of the most popular and preferred way to make long distance phone calls. Anyone, who wants to make long distance call, can use these cards to be connected with his or her loved ones, living at a far distance from them, like Senegal. Amantel provides various calling plans which can be suitable for every budget. You can use any of the calling plans to be connected with your loved ones. Now, if you are in the countries like the USA or Canada, so still can remain connected with your loved ones, using Amantel calling cards.

Now you can save a lot on your international call bills by using such cost effective calling cards or phone cards Senegal. The cards are available in prepaid and post paid forms. Amantel calling card details are sent to you via email. Our customer care representatives can let you know the complete details about the calling cards, so that you can choose the one suiting your need and requirement. Round the clock assistance can be availed through our toll free number and you can select the call plan, depending on your specific requirement. Amantel does not charge any hidden fees from its registered users.

Amantel calling cards have become one of the favourite and most used cards by the users. The Senegal calling cards are easily available online and anyone can use this card, just by following a few steps procedure. At Amantel we always keep on searching the new ways to provide you the cost efficient calls so with the help of latest technologies we have made the calling easier. You can dial anywhere in the world using these prepaid calling cards. Really affordable and especially for Senegal, we have made these cards for our esteemed users. Use and activation of these Amantel calling cards are easiest, so do not wait and buy the Senegal calling cards now.

Simply pick up the phone and call anybody, anywhere, anytime in Senegal Orange Mobile. You can call from your home phone, your cell phone or any other phone. So hurry...Sign up NOW ! ! ( Click Here for local access number for your city).


What is the validity period for this offer?
6 months validity from the date of purchase for upto $25, 9 months validity for $50, 12 months validity for $100 products. Please note: This is a special offer, under no circumstance you will get any refund.
Who is eligible for the Special Offer?
Both our existing and new members are eligible for Offer.
Which Countries are eligible for Special Offer?
This offer is valid for Senegal Orange Mobile only..
Is Special Offer good from USA or Canada?
Special Offer is good from both USA and Canada.
How many times can I recharge/purchase the Special Offer?
You can recharge or purchase your plan as many times as you want during the promotional period.
Can I make calls to other countries with Special offer?
Yes! You will be able to make calls to other countries with this Special offer however calls made to countries will be charged as per regular amantel rates.
Do I need any coupon code to avail the Special offer?
No coupon code is required for this excellent offer.
What is the call rounding available for this offer?
There are two minutes rounding available for this offer.
When will I get the lower call rate benefit?
The lower call rate benefit will be applicable with immediate effect by using Local Access Number.
Is any other condition include with this offer?
Yes, There is a very simple condition attached with this offer. There will be 10% service fee for this offer.
Do I have to use up all the minutes before the end of the validity period?
Yes. The minutes are available only till the validity period that is 180 days
Will I be able to purchase this plan by calling the customer service?
Yes, you can call 24/7 365 customer service. You can reach us at 732-983-4332, 732-983-4333 USA - Direct Line or 905-963-3685, 647-723-2219 CANADA - Direct Line.
How do I purchase this incredible offer?
To buy this offer:
1. Get yourself registered at www.amantel.com
2. You can also sign-up through our 24/7 customer service.


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Bahrain 3.9¢
Bangladesh 1.9¢
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Canada 1.4¢
Egypt 7.9¢
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France* 2.5¢
Germany* 2.5¢
Ghana 17.5¢
Hong Kong
India 0.94¢
Iran 5.9¢
Iraq 9.9¢
Italy* 2.5¢
Israel 0.8¢
Japan* 3.3¢
Jordan 4.9¢
Kenya 6.9¢
Kuwait 9.9¢
Lebanon 6.9¢
Liberia 19.8¢
Netherlands* 2.5¢
Nigeria 3.33¢
Oman 9.8¢
Pakistan 7.9¢
Palestine 12.5¢
Qatar 15.9¢
Senegal 25.9¢
Singapore 2.5¢
Saudi Arabia 8.3¢
South Africa* 2.5¢
Spain* 2.5¢
Sweden* 2.5¢
Switzerland* 2.5¢
Syria 7.9¢
Thailand 1.9¢
United Arab Emirates 14.8¢
Uganda 23.8¢
UK 1.4¢
UK Mobile 12.5¢
USA Alaska 1.9¢