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Cheap and Affordable Calling Card to Algeria

Calling cards are one of the most used and affordable way with which you can enjoy long distance and long duration calls without going out of your budget. Amantel has brought to you such cost effective Algeria calling cards. These cards of Amantel are of the best quality and able to provide you well connected and highly efficient calls not only to Algeria, but to other countries as well. You can buy the Amantel calling cards to Algeria right from our site or by reaching to our customer care representative. They will provide you complete information about the calling plans and calling rates for the countries like Algeria.

At Amantel, we know and value your emotions and feelings towards your loved ones. You may be at far distance from them due to your higher studies, business reasons or in search of higher paying job opportunity, but now being in another country cannot be the reason to be disconnected with your loved ones. You may be either in the USA or Canada, but still will be able to dial back to your native country and enjoy the cheap international call to Algeria facility either right from existing mobile or land line phones.

Amantel calling or phone cards can be used with any phone and are completely virtual, so don’t worry about carrying or losing your invaluable and friend or family connecting card. The calling card to Algeria can be bought online right from our website or by contacting us through our toll free number. Our toll free number is there on our site and can let you know the complete card related information. Amantel virtual phone cards come with a certain validity period and calling amount. If at any point of time, you go out of calling minutes, then you can recharge your card and continue with your international calls.

These prepaid phone cards are the most convenient and cost effective mean to dial and make cheap international calls to Algeria. After buying the card, you will be provided complete card related information, then using that you will be able to enjoy long distance calls. These long distance phone cards other features include Pinless dialing, with which you can decrease the length of dialing process and enjoy hassle free calls. Moreover the speed dialing feature is also beneficial for those, who have to dial a few of the similar number every day. You can add your frequently dialed number to this list of Speed dial numbers.

Simply pick up the phone and call anybody, anywhere, anytime in algeria. You can call from your home phone, your cell phone or any other phone. So hurry...Sign up NOW ! ! ( Click Here for local access number for your city).


What is the validity period for this offer?
6 months validity from the date of purchase for upto $25, 9 months validity for $50, 12 months validity for $100 products. Please note: This is a special offer, under no circumstance you will get any refund.
Who is eligible for the Special Offer?
Both our existing and new members are eligible for Offer.
Which Countries are eligible for Special Offer?
This offer is valid for algeria only..
Is Special Offer good from USA or Canada?
Special Offer is good from both USA and Canada.
How many times can I recharge/purchase the Special Offer?
You can recharge or purchase your plan as many times as you want during the promotional period.
Can I make calls to other countries with Special offer?
Yes! You will be able to make calls to other countries with this Special offer however calls made to countries will be charged as per regular amantel rates.
Do I need any coupon code to avail the Special offer?
No coupon code is required for this excellent offer.
When will I get the lower call rate benefit?
The lower call rate benefit will be applicable with immediate effect by using Local Access Number.
Is any other condition include with this offer?
Yes, There is a very simple condition attached with this offer. There will be 10% service fee for this offer.
Do I have to use up all the minutes before the end of the validity period?
Yes. The minutes are available only till the validity period that is 180 days
Will I be able to purchase this plan by calling the customer service?
Yes, you can call 24/7 365 customer service. You can reach us at 732-983-4332, 732-983-4333 USA - Direct Line or 905-963-3685, 647-723-2219 CANADA - Direct Line.
How do I purchase this incredible offer?
To buy this offer:
1. Get yourself registered at www.amantel.com
2. You can also sign-up through our 24/7 customer service.


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