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This is an application for your iPhone that allows you to manage and use long distance calling cards to call your friends and family anywhere in the world. Calling card rates are often fraction of standard international rates. It essentially allows you to use your regular wireless minutes to make long-distance calls (say, to the UK, USA, Australia and Canada).

There is no need to remember your access numbers, calling card or pin, users select pin number and then place calls to any of the contacts in your address book in just a few taps. User can also create and manage favorites, look through the recent calls you placed through the application, purchase new calling cards and more. IPhone calling card was designed to look and feel very similar to the existing phone application. Anyone can use it and it does not require any special instructions. Voice quality is reportedly good and calls go through without too much delay.


Process To Download And Install In Iphone Device

This application helps user, how to download Smart Dialer for iPhone device.
There are two options:

App Store: Users need to launch App Store on your iPhone and search for “Dialer or Telecom”. Click to install the application.

ITunes: Users need to launch iTunes on their computer system and click on iTunes store and then Apps. User must enter Dialer or Telecom on search box and click on app to download iTunes.

After installation, users strike to launch the 'Dialer' icon. When using Smart Dialer first time, users enter their mobile number and click on save. Users must click on 'Update Profile' and start using the service.

When user ensures to use the service every time you call long distance, set the 'Smart Dialer Service' option to either 'Prompt' or 'On'. Save your changes.

For using the service, launch the Smart Dialer application, then select contact from your contacts list or enter phone number by keypad to call that person whom you want to call. Start enjoying the lowest long distance rates offered only by our company.

To avoid international charges from your mobile phone provider, users must re-launch smart dialer every time, when make a call, after their call is completed, application will automatically exit.


1. To login into Amantel dialer, at least one pin has to be associated with your Amantel account. If you do not have any pinnumber you can't login to Amantel dialer. Please go to and purchase a new pin.

2. Your pinnumber and access number has been set by default while login for first time. Reset your pinnumber and suitable access number by going to Settings page.

3. If you are downloading Amantel dialer for iPhone and after successful first time login into application and reset your pinnumber & access number from Settings, you will get credit of $1 free balance in your pinnumber.