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Cheap phone calling card Nepal
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$10 105 10 115 Buy Nepal Calling Cards
$25 282 25 307 Buy Nepal Calling Cards
$50 585 50 635 Buy Nepal Calling Cards
  • No activation fee
  • Pinless dialing
  • Rechargeable
  • No Contract
  • Speed dialing
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Make cheap international calls to Nepal With Amantel. No need of physical calling card and phone cards.

Best Phone Card to Nepal and do Cheap Calls at Affordable Rates with Amantel

Genuinely in great extent people try to take the advantage of golden opportunities by let themselves set off in abroad. The reasons varies from person to person as some would search a better land for further studies while some go for travelling and adventure stuff.

Moment you leaving Nepal for the reasons to get graduation from oxford university or skiing the slopes of Switzerland, all this doesn't make you to forget the most lovable family and friends at home. Their are lot of mediums through which you are always be in contact with them like email conversation, blogs, social media sites, Facebook and Myspace. But what about when you need to contact soon? Calls are the first choice but they are so much expensive specially when one make calls to Nepal from USA and Canada.

To resolve the hardness comes from expensive international calls, Amantel has been introduced its services with best and cheap Nepal calling cards. For the times when people get away from their own country for the extended period of time, that moments Calling Cards for Nepal is allowing to do calls at very affordable price. Customers feels that they do local calls instead of international calls.

Simply pick up the phone and call anybody, at anytime in Nepal. Call from your home phone, your cell phone or any other phone. So hurry... Sign up NOW ! ! ( Click Here for local access number for your city).

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What is the validity period for this offer?

6 months validity from the date of purchase for upto $25, 9 months validity for $50, 12 months validity for $100 products. Please note: This is a special offer, under no circumstance you will get any refund.

Who is eligible for the Freedom Offer?

Both our existing and new members are eligible for Freedom Offer.

Which Countries are eligible for Freedom Offer?

This offer is valid for Nepal only..

Is Freedom Offer good from USA or Canada?

Freedom Offer is good from both USA and Canada.

How many times can I recharge/purchase the Freedom Offer?

You can recharge or purchase your plan as many times as you want during the promotional period..

Can I make calls to other countries with Freedom offer?

Yes! You will be able to make calls to other countries with this Freedom offer however calls made to countries will be charged as per regular amantel rates.

Do I need any coupon code to avail the Freedom offer?

Yes coupon is required for this excellent offer.

What is the call rounding available for this offer?

There are two minutes rounding available for this offer.

When will I get the lower call rate benefit?

The lower call rate benefit will be applicable with immediate effect by using Local Access Number.

Is any other condition include with this offer?

Yes, There is a very simple condition attached with this offer. There will be 10% service fee for this offer.

Do I have to use up all the minutes before the end of the validity period?

Yes. The minutes are available only till the validity period that is 180 days

Will I be able to purchase this plan by calling the customer service?

Yes, you can call 24/7 365 customer service. You can reach us at 732-983-4332, 732-983-4333 USA - Direct Line or 905-963-3685, 647-723-2219 CANADA - Direct Line.

How do I purchase this incredible offer?

To buy this offer:
1. Get yourself registered at
2. You can also sign-up through our 24/7 customer service.